We use quality Nikon equipment to convert your 35mm, 126-Instamatic, 110-Instamatic or half frame
35mm slides into JPG files (2000dpi).  35mm JPG images are 2699 pixels x 1803 pixels and are suitable
for making up to 6x9 prints.  JPG details are available
here.  We also offer 3000dpi for just 4¢ more per
slide.  3000dpi will allow a print up to 9x13 to be created from a 35mm slide.  More information on DPI is

We then use the JPGs to create a DVD video slide show that you can play on virtually any DVD player
connected to your TV or on your computer (requires a DVD drive).  The slide show will display the slide
images in approximately 6 second intervals with transitional fades and background music.  The show
also includes a table of contents.  For every carousel or grouping of slides you provide we'll create a
"chapter" in the show.  The table of contents will display a thumbnail image from each chapter for easy
DVD navigation.

Then both the video slide show and the individual JPG files are written to a high quality Verbatim® DVD  
that we thermally label with a title of your choice and store it in a genuine Amaray® video DVD case.
We make it easy!

We specialize in helping families get those old slides out of the closet and viewed!
In our website you'll find NO NONSENSE pricing and UNCOMPLICATED instructions.

We've been doing this for years.  We know how to help you and your family enjoy and
share those precious family images trapped in slide carousels or shoe boxes!
What you'll get
slides scanning
  • Your slides cleaned, properly rotated and color/exposure/contrast adjusted by an Adobe Photoshop
  • Your slide images converted to standard JPG files so you can make prints, edit, email, etc. with the
    images arranged in the same sequence we received them.
  • A spectacular video DVD movie of your slides with transitional fades and background music playable
    on virtually any standard DVD player attached to your TV or playable on your computer with a DVD drive.
  • All your slides returned to you.
What we'll do
What we won't do
scan slides
  • We won't charge you extra if you have a mixture of slide formats 35mm/126/110/Half frame-35mm.
  • We won't charge you extra to make color & exposure corrections or make sure they're properly rotated.
  • We won't charge you extra if you send us slides in carousels or shoe boxes.
  • We won't ship your slides off to some foreign country to be processed (some companies do!).

In short, we don't play games with our pricing.  We don't have multiple service levels and we don't charge
extra for necessities.  28¢ includes everything needed to produce a beautiful video and JPG file from your
slide except postage.

We only have 4 extra cost options:
  • Option to upgrade from 2000dpi to 3000dpi for more per slide.  This allows creating larger prints
    from your slide images.  Click here for details.
  • We will make additional copies of your DVD(s) if desired.
  • We will store the JPG files on CDs for people who don't have a DVD drive (rare).
  • We offer an optional Windows PC high resolution slide show.  Click here for details.
scan slides
We make it easy
Step 1 - Gather your slides together. - You can leave them in the carousels or loose in shoe boxes!
Step 2 -
Fill out the order form. - No hidden charges here!  28¢ includes everything needed except postage.
Step 3 -
Mail your slides to us.  - A sturdy box, some padding and a trip to the post office.
slides to digital

If you have any questions please Contact Us!
We transform your slides into movies! ™
Report copyright violations and receive a 25% discount on your order.
You can view our privacy policy here.
No one has the time or inclination to deal with the hassle of looking at slides anymore yet sitting in
closets across America are slides with priceless images of  times past.  Family vacations, children
growing up, weddings, reunions and more, all unseen because slides just aren't convenient.

What can be done?
digitize slides
scanning slides
slide scanning service
For just 28¢ per slide we convert your slides into
digital files so you can make prints from them.
We use those digital files to create a beautiful
video DVD movie so you can watch your slides
as a slide show on your TV or computer!
convert slides
scan slides
- Your slide cleaned & properly rotated.
- 2000dpi image WITH color & exposure adjusted by a Photoshop expert.
- Image stored as a standard JPG file suitable for printing, editing, emailing, etc.
- A video slide show with menus and music.
- Thermally labeled DVD with an Amaray case.
- A family owned and operated business established April 2005 rated A+ by the BBB.
- All work done in Munising, Michigan in a safe and secure environment.
- No machine processing.  Everything is done with care by hand.
- Over 4 million slide images processed.
Step 1 - Gather your slides together.  Organize them or send them as is.
Step 2 - Print and fill out the order form.
Step 3 - Mail your slides to us. ***
    ***  USPS has never failed to deliver a package mailed to or mailed by SuperiorSlides.
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